My Ultimate Goal

Jinwon Lee

What are my values?

There are two main values in my life. One is my family and the other is my friends. Based on these values I think my ultimate goal in my life was chosen. Since I value the people who are around me, I really hope all of my friends succeed in the future in our own way. Also, for my family, since my parents sacrificed their time for my childhood and education, I hope that I become a person who is able to shine their old age.

What is my ultimate goal?

I was thinking about what can make my family and friends happy, then I thought about traveling. I thought that traveling with my family and friends will make us all happy and enjoy the moment with each other. However, in order to make this happen I have to be able to have a job that can make a descent amount of money since money is needed to travel. Then, I believe by doing what I am passion it about will allow me to make some money that is needed for this travel. This is because when we do something that we like, we are more likely to be motivated and work hard than when we do something that we don't really like. Therefore, my ultimate goal would be traveling with my family and friends with the money that I made from a job that I like to do. I thought of several places that we could travel which are: