My Ultimate Goal

Jinwon Lee

The United States - Road trip

What is my plan?

We will be traveling for about 2 weeks, if we get to do a road trip in the United States. We will mainly travel on the West side of the United States. The main cities that we are going to visit is:

We will be first arriving at San Francisco, then stay there for about 3-4 days start heading to Las Vegas. On our way to Las Vegas, we will be stopping at Death Valley National Park. When we arrive at Las Vegas, we will also visit Grand Canyon National Monument. After stying in Las Vegas for about 4 days, we will head to Los Angeles. Lastly we come back to San Francisco. Then rest for 2-3 days.

What is the budget?

The total number of people who are going to travel with me are about 4-5. Each of us will bring about $800 just in case. Therefore, in total it would be around $4000. However, this is excluding the cost of hotel.

Pictures of the cities

Pictures of the parks